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What is Australia Saying?

Duress was great when I needed police assistance but couldn’t talk on the phone ...they could see what was happening and where I was straight away.
Mamamia Magazine 2017
The BodyGuard has launched in Australia, and it is the first app that requests police for you. It has removed the vital moments needed to declare an emergency through the traditional method of dialling triple zero. Because in an emergency, a threat isn’t going to stop and wait while you talk to an operator.
Homely Blog 2017
A very well thought out App. You can't put a price on safety, especially for your children. I think every parent ought to buy this for their kids. Also takes the burden off 000 false alarms and lets the professional security call centre screen for legitimate emergencies. I love it !
Duress User
In an uber alone and just used duress for the first time. As soon as I activated it I felt piece of mind. No matter what happened to me the police would be notified and would have my location. Chances are nothing would happen but I felt safer and more protected. This is a real game changer for women when they're alone.
Caryn Baird‎
For those of us that have experienced violence that is on going such as domestic it's a brilliant idea
Joyce Richards
I absolutely love this app, I have put the duress on my 2 daughters phone aged 12 and 14, I feel so much at peace knowing the duress is watching out for them, thank you so much for such a useful app xx
‎Dionne Heaven‎
This would be a brilliant protection for victims of domestic violence. Too often the courts let an offender out on bail to just reoffend again. This us a great idea.
PE Barclay
I've been assaulted twice in the past week I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,I had a mobile which was smashed in the first incident so was unable to call police or emergency services,luckily someone witnessed the incident,something like this could have stopped me from now having a bleed on the brain,broken jaw,crushed finger and the list goes on.
Kimbo Richo
This is incredible, it'll definitely make me feel a little if not a lot safer. For my girls too, brilliant. 👊 ❤️
Anastasia Rose