Duress Operations Centre

The DOC is staffed by highly trained security experts who have an always-on live connection with Police, allowing them to notify the Police for you when you don’t have the time, or the ability, to call 000.

How the DOC is protecting you.


The DOC is located in an undisclosed fortified bunker in Australia, and manned by highly trained officers day and night.


Multiple checkpoints for data flow control. Encryption is used between the members' phones, the Cloud and all communications back to the DOC.


Variable buffering video streaming picks up what is happening even in low reception areas. Location data is streamed back in real time.

Duress for Corporates


The DOC is located in an undisclosed location in Australia. It is one of the few Operations centres in Australia that is graded A1 by the Australian Security Association Limited (ASIAL), the chief body for Australian security. The DOC has a direct connection to Police through a unique Alpha Code, bypassing the need to call 000. Therefore when an emergency is declared through Duress, the DOC can notify the Police in seconds.


The DOC is located in a fortified bunker, and manned by highly trained officers day and night. The DOC has been designed from the ground up to be fully operational through power outages, natural disasters and interruptions to public communications systems. The DOC is a free standing security structure with self contained communication and facilities, continuous monitoring of its internal security monitored by another A1 graded centre, and features emergency UPS supplies and backup generators. All incoming and outgoing data has redundancy systems, both locally and in the cloud, via an end to end encrypted communications line.


Duress members privacy is taken very seriously. There are multiple checkpoints to control the flow of data. Encryption is used between the members phones and the cloud, and from the cloud back to the DOC.  In addition the live emergency stream is only accessible to the DOC structure, with the exception of the Police who are dealing with the specific emergency.

What is Australia Saying?

In an uber alone and just used duress for the first time. As soon as I activated it I felt piece of mind. No matter what happened to me the police would be notified and would have my location. Chances are nothing would happen but I felt safer and more protected. This is a real game changer for women when they're alone.
Caryn Baird‎
For those of us that have experienced violence that is on going such as domestic it's a brilliant idea
Joyce Richards
I absolutely love this app, I have put the duress on my 2 daughters phone aged 12 and 14, I feel so much at peace knowing the duress is watching out for them, thank you so much for such a useful app xx
‎Dionne Heaven‎
This would be a brilliant protection for victims of domestic violence. Too often the courts let an offender out on bail to just reoffend again. This us a great idea.
PE Barclay
I've been assaulted twice in the past week I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,I had a mobile which was smashed in the first incident so was unable to call police or emergency services,luckily someone witnessed the incident,something like this could have stopped me from now having a bleed on the brain,broken jaw,crushed finger and the list goes on.
Kimbo Richo
This is incredible, it'll definitely make me feel a little if not a lot safer. For my girls too, brilliant. 👊 ❤️
Anastasia Rose

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