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With our trained emergency operators are standing by 24/7, protecting you night and day, we know that once you try Duress, you'll never go back.

Unparalleled Protection

With Duress, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when tragedy strikes, you have 24/7 protection
12 Months Protection
Police Notified In Seconds
24/7 Emergency Monitoring
Australian Operations Centre
A1 ASIAL Graded Monitoring
Discrete Police Requests
Instant Live Video & Location
One Touch Emergencies
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All plans include

Slide for Police

If you need the Police, Duress is incredibly quick. Simply slide the bar at the bottom of the screen, and Police are notified. No waiting to talk to an operator.

Earphone Tracking

Like the Touch Tracker, if you don't feel safe, but don't need the Police just yet, you can also use Earphone Tracker. Connect your earphones to begin tracking your location.

Touch Tracking

If you don't feel safe, but don't need the Police just yet, then Touch tracker has you covered. Simply hold anywhere on the screen, and Duress begins tracking your location.

24/7 Security Support

The DOC is staffed 24/7 with trained security professionals, on stand-by actively monitoring emergency alerts across Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duress is designed to be simple to use, and below is the most common questions we receive.
If you can't find an answer to your question, please click here and we will get back to you shortly. 

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What Is Duress?
Duress is a live protection app. If you are in an emergency, the Duress app will send live video, live location tracking, and your profile information to our Operations centre. Our Operations centre will then contact the Police.
After I declare an emergency, what do I have to do?
Nothing. As soon as you declare an emergency, we assume the worst, so you do not have to talk to us to explain what the problem is. We will see and hear the video/audio from your phone, see your location, see your profile, and contact the Police.
What if the phone is in my pocket, or the emergency is at night and you cannot see what is happening?
If we cannot see what is happening, we will still contact the Police. We feel it is better to have the Police attend even if it is an accidental emergency, then to not attend at all. Operators also have the ability to change from the front camera to the rear camera if the view is obstructed.
Can my phone make a loud noise in an Emergency?
Yes, you can choose to have a loud alarm noise during an emergency, to scare away the attacker and to draw attention, or you can choose to have a silent alarm with no audio alarm. The audio alarm can be turned on and off in the menu.
How can I cancel an emergency?
If you accidentally declare an emergency, simply enter your PIN number to cancel. Our operations centre will see you have cancelled your emergency, and we will cancel the Police attending.
What happens when I declare an emergency?
As soon as you declare an emergency, it is sent to the Duress Operations Centre. The Duress Operations Centre see that you are in trouble in seconds, and alert the Police with your location, your profile and your live streaming video.
When should I use Duress, and when should I call 000?
If you are able to call 000, please do. Duress is designed for when you cannot call 000. For instance, if you are walking alone at night, and you are attacked, you do not have time to call 000. Duress Slide for Police, Touch Tracker or Earphone Tracker all allow you to declare an emergency instantly, so that in the event of an attack you do not need to worry about explaining who you are or where you are, you can simply declare an emergency and focus on surviving, knowing the Police are on their way.
What is Touch Tracker?
Touch tracker allows you to hold your phone screen, for instance when walking alone. As soon as you release your finger from the screen, Duress begins a 5 second countdown. If you do nothing, Duress will declare an emergency and send police to your location. Touch Tracker is like a panic button, as soon as you release it, we begin contacting the Police.
What is Earphone Tracker?
Earphone tracker allows you to connect your earphones to your phone to track your location. If you are in an emergency, simply remove your earphones from your phone and the app will start a 5 seconds countdown. If you do nothing, Duress will declare an emergency and send Police to your location.
Can I listen to Music while using Earphone Tracker?
Yes you can, although the tracker only works when you are in the app. You can put on music through your music app, then open up Duress, when you remove your earphones Duress will declare an emergency. If you open up Duress and then connect your earphones, then go to your music app and stay in your music app, then earphone tracker will not work. Please remember to always keep the Duress App open for tracking to work.
What is Test Mode?
Test Mode allows you to practice using Duress without actually declaring an emergency. In Test Mode, Your video, your location, and your details are not sent through to our centre. We will not contact Police or your emergency contact while you are in Test Mode.
What happens to my emergency videos?
Your videos are streamed live to our servers, and made available to Police to assist you. They are not stored on your phone. We store them in our servers so that even if your phone is destroyed during an attack, the video is stored safely in the cloud for Police.
Why does Duress need to access my settings?
Duress uses as much information as possible to help Police get to you in an emergency. To do this we need to use your Location (so the Police know where you are), Wi-Fi (improves accuracy of location), your camera and microphone (so we can see and hear what is happening), and your contacts (so you can tell us who your emergency contact is). If your Wi-Fi is turned off, then your location is not as accurate. For this reason we ask that your Wi-Fi is turned on.
How long does it take for the Police to respond?
Duress sees your emergency in less than 3 seconds, and we contact the Police as soon as we determine you are in trouble. The time for the Police to get to your location depends on many variables which are out of our control.
What is Terrorist Watch?
Terrorist Watch allows you to film suspicious behaviour and make it available to Authorities. When you record a Terrorist Watch video, it is stored in our database so that Authorities can view it when needed. Terrorist Watch does not go to the Duress Operations Centre, or the Police.
Can I view my videos?
Yes, your videos are available for you to view by going to Menu > My Videos.
Can I share my videos?
Yes, if you wish to share your videos you have the ability to do so. If you do choose to share your videos with others, such as on social media, please be aware that Duress is not responsible or liable for any outcomes of you choosing to share your video. We recommend not sharing your video, especially if you intend to pursue your attacker in court.