Monitored protection at your fingertips

Monitored Protection in Your Pocket

Duress allows your team to stream live video and request the Police to their location in seconds. The Duress app is monitored 24/7 by the Duress Operations Centre, who notify the Police as soon as your team members request assistance.

How to declare an emergency

Duress allows your team to stream live video and request police to their location in seconds. Declare an emergency in 3 simple ways

Slide the bottom bar to declare an emergency.

Slide the slider at the bottom of the screen to declare an emergency. Your phone will begin streaming your live video, audio and GPS location.

Shake your phone to 
declare an emergency

While firmly holding, shake your phone until the countdown is activated. Your phone will then begin streaming your live video, audio and GPS location.

Quick Widgets

Quick widgets enable you with the fastest way to declare an emergency from your lock screen or home screen. You can set up widget through your phone settings.

Feel unsafe or unsecure?

Don’t feel safe but don’t need the Police just yet? Duress monitoring allows you to hold your phone or connect your earphones to start safety monitoring.

Hold your screen to enable protective monitoring

Don't need Police, but feel unsafe? Hold anywhere on your screen while in the Duress App - this enables our operations centre to begin monitoring and track your location. If you do need Police simply release your finger off the screen and help is on the way.

Connect headphones to begin Protective Monitoring

Just like holding your screen, headphone tracking monitors your location if you don't feel safe - if you do need Police, simply disconnect your headphones.

Live SMS notifications

Real-time notifications

When someone in your organisation declares an emergency, the DOC are notified and the Police are requested in seconds. In addition, your nominated staff members also receive notifications and updates of the incident. This allows you to know in real time the status of any emergency your staff are facing.

Accidental Emergency?

If you accidentally declare an emergency, simply enter your PIN to cancel. Your PIN tells us that it is you canceling the emergency, and not the attacker. The Duress Operations Centre will cancel the Police request, and may call you to confirm that you are safe.

Recent Duress Organisations

Experience peace of mind

Duress is used Australia-wide by Government Departments, small to medium businesses and large corporates. The Duress 24/7 Monitored platform protects lone workers, people working in dangerous locations and people working with potentially dangerous individuals.