Manage staff members & set security procedures all from on place.

Live Emergency Updates

Get real-time SMS updates
during emergencies.

Duress Dashboard Notifications
Duress SMS Updates

As soon as an emergency is declared, your nominated staff members receive real-time updates of the incident. This allows you to know the status of any emergency your staff are facing, from initial activation all the way to Police response.

Emergency Feeds

Review staff incident & emergency feeds.

Duress Dashboard Emergency Feeds

Get access to past and live video, audio and location feeds of all staff emergencies or incidents declared within your organisation.

Insights & Reports

View detailed reports on how & where incidents occur.

Duress Dashboard Reports and Insights

Get insights on how your staff members are triggering emergencies within the app & full map views of locations visited by staff members where emergencies have occurred.

Fast integration & deployment

Integrate easily with your current infrastructure & safety requirements.

Ultra-fast deployment

Deploy Duress out to your organisations of any size in less than 24 hours.

Minimize resources

Reduce organisational costs and time spent on check-in calls and management logs.

Compliant technology

Fully compliant and backed by the Australian telecommunications & surveillance acts.

Secure data storage

Get quick insight reports on emergency times & dangerous areas.

Back-up redundancy

Review location maps of where your staff feel unsafe & where emergencies are declared.

User management

Add, remove or transfer licenses between your staff members all within your organisation.

Trusted by leading organisations

Duress monitors & protects thousands of organisations across Australia.

Ready to see Duress in action?

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