Protecting you and your staff, Australia-wide, 24/7.

Duress A1 Accredited Operations Centre

The Duress Operations Centre monitors your employees safety 24/7. It is staffed by highly trained security operatives who are authorised to request Emergency Services on your behalf, allowing them to notify Police for you when you don’t have the time, or the ability, to call 000.

Experienced security

In an emergency, our staff can see the live incoming video and audio, location data and profile data of the user, and pass this through to Police in seconds.

Fortified location

Located in a fully fortified bunker and manned 24/7 by trained security officers, The Duress Operations Centre was designed from the ground up to be fully operational through power outages, natural disasters and interruptions to public communications systems.

Security that moves with you.

The Duress Operations Centre is A1 Accredited, and so authorised to request Police to assist you as quickly as possible, so that as soon as you declare an emergency you know help is on the way.

Dedicated to keeping you safe.

Staffed by highly trained security operatives who have an always-on live connection with Police, allowing them to notify the Police for you

A1 Accredited 

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Trained Security Experts

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Fortified bunker

Located in an undisclosed fortified bunker in Australia, and manned by highly trained officers day and night.

Recent Duress Organisations

Your organisations very own 24/7 security centre.

From Townsville to Phillip Island, Duress monitors thousands of off-site and on-site workers.