The ultimate protection service for Staff and Students

Integrate with your existing security

With Duress for Education, when a student or staff member declares an emergency, not only does the Duress Operations Centre monitor the emergency live and notify the Police if needed, your security contacts at the school receive live updates directly to their phone.

Safety Solution

Duress was designed to allow users to have 24/7 monitored protection in their pocket, and the response has been overwhelming. Monitored security systems are traditionally a costly exercise, involving CCTV cameras, servers, maintenance and upkeep. Duress is an Australian revolution for school security, offering you thousands of virtual mobile emergency buttons, and then putting them in all of your staff and students pockets.

Instant emergency button

There are few professions that don’t require some level of unsupervised or lone work, including education providers and their support staff. In 2017, incidents of violence against teachers more than tripled, reaching 558 reports in Western Australia alone.

When your staff and students are on school grounds, Duress provides a portable duress button right in their pockets. Once activated, Duress streams live video, audio and location to the DOC within seconds, where trained security operatives assess the situation and are able to notify and send relevant emergency services to their location if required.

Lone Worker Safety

While students arrive at school at around 8:30am and are gone again by 3:30pm, the educational staff are not quite so lucky. Teachers are often in their classrooms well before and after hours preparing work, marking, or even holding meetings with parents. Unfortunately, as Australian Guidance note on Working Alone points out, it is often contact with other people that creates the biggest risk.

Why use Duress to protect your employees?

The benefits of alone worker safety solution lay in the fact that the teacher can alert someone at the press of a button if they feel threatened in any way. Even crossing large areas between the school buildings and to their mode of transport can make staff uneasy if it is badly lit or in a dangerous area. Teaching is an essential job, we need intelligent and skilled people to help shape the minds of the future. But we also need to make sure that they are safe and secure while doing so.

Student Safety

The benefits of a lone worker safety solution for students is very much a secondary effect. Teachers that are provided with Duress can instantly alert the Operations Centre with live video, audio and GPS position from their phone for emergencies for students, such as medical issues or accidents on site.

Dedicated to keeping you safe.

Staffed by highly trained security operatives who have an always-on live connection with Police, allowing them to notify the Police for you

A1 Accredited 

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Trained Security Experts

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Fortified bunker

Located in an undisclosed fortified bunker in Australia, and manned by highly trained officers day and night.

Protect the Safety of Your Employees

Many of the educational facility employees are required to perform their duties outside of normal hours. Cleaning staff, grounds keepers and other support staff are also vulnerable.